Custom Portfolios

Why Create Custom Portfolios? is supposed to be simple to use, even for investors with limited experience and knowledge. That's why we only offer portfolios that have docile characteristics and are easy to maintain. With our All-Stars family of portfolios investors have access to portfolios with a great returns, superb diversification, and low volatility. But not all investors are the same, and some investors prefer more control. This is where our custom portfolios come in.

With TuringTrader's custom portfolios, investors can combine up to three of our Premium portfolios and create personalized meta-portfolios that directly address their beliefs and objectives.

Limitations and Known Issues as of October 06, 2021

Custom Portfolios are currently offered as a technology preview with a planned full release later in 2021.

  • Missing email notifications: Investors will not receive any notification emails when their custom portfolios need rebalancing. We will implement this feature in the near future.
  • Only one custom portfolio: Investors have only access to a single custom portfolio per account. We have not yet decided how many custom portfolios will be included with the Infinite Membership.
  • Slow backtests: Backtesting takes about 20 seconds to complete, plus the time required for rendering the results. Because the backtests run in the cloud, this time is mostly independent of your device's processing power.
  • Redundant backtests: Backtest results are currently not cached. In consequence, the backtest is re-run on every page refresh or parameter change. For the final product, we envision to running the backtests proactively and cache the results.
  • Missing benchmarks: Currently, neither the charts nor the metrics include benchmarks. The final product will include a benchmark, but this benchmark will most likely not be configurable.
  • Missing asset allocations: The asset allocation table only shows dummy data. We will implement this asap.
  • Missing historical allocations: Right now, our backtesting engine cannot determine historical asset allocations. This limitation will most likely not be resolved upon initial feature release.
  • Missing metrics: The current list of metrics shown is incomplete. We will gradually implement the missing metrics and ultimately include the same set of metrics shown for our other portfolios.
  • Deviating metric values: The metrics shown by the custom portfolios may slightly differ from the metrics shown for All-Stars Portfolios with identical composition. The reason for this lies in the new cloud-based backtesting engine used and a slightly different approach to modeling trades.
  • No metrics shown on dashboard: For custom portfolios, there are currently no metrics shown on the dashboard page.
  • Generic Name: Currently, custom portfolios cannot be assigned descriptive names. Create a custom portfolio

How to Create a Custom Portfolio

To create a custom portfolio, go to the dashboard page and click on the plus button in the bottom right. This will put a new custom portfolio on your dashboard. Just like any other portfolio, you can access the custom portfolio by clicking on its name: Open a custom portfolio

To edit the composition of a custom portfolio, open the portfolio's page, and adjust the components and their weights in the composition table. All of our Premium portfolios are available as components. If you need less than three components, simply set those you don't need to Cash: Edit a custom portfolio

One you have adjusted your portfolio composition, backtesting begins. Expect the backtest to take about 5 seconds to complete. Once the backtest has completed, the charts and metrics on the page are updated to reflect your portfolio composition.