Configure Your Dashboard

The dashboard is TuringTrader's central hub to access your favorite portfolios and articles quickly. In this article, we explain how to configure it.

Adding and Removing Items

Your dashboard comes pre-populated with a few items to demonstrate the feature. To make the most out of TuringTrader, we'd like you to customize it. Not only does the dashboard provide quick access to the items placed on it, but it also provides a way to quickly compare equity charts and review the recent performance of your portfolios. add item to dashboard

To add a portfolio, indicator, or article onto your dashboard, follow these simple steps:

  • navigate to the item you want to add to the dashboard
  • click on add to dash remove item from dashboard

Similarly, you can remove an item from your dashboard with these steps:

  • navigate to the item you want to remove
  • click on remove from dash

Email Notifications

The dashboard is also tied to another essential feature: email notifications. With email notifications enabled, you don't need to keep track of your portfolio's rebalancing schedule or check the site daily for updates. Instead, we will let you know when your portfolio needs your attention. enabling email notifications

To enable email notifications, you need to first enable them in your account by following these steps:

  • click on the link with the bell icon reading Notifications off. This will take you to your account page
  • check the box next to Send notification emails. This will globally enable email notifications for your account. Close the account overlay
  • verify that the bell icon is now solid and the text reads Email notifications email notifications

Now that you have email notifications enabled, we will send you emails whenever a portfolio on your dashboard requires your attention.

We update our mailing lists once per day, approximately one hour after the markets closed. Any changes made to your subscription status after this will take effect the next day.

We send the email notifications immediately after we finished recalculating the affected portfolio. You should expect to receive the emails about four hours after the markets closed. email notifications

Our notification emails are short and sweet. All you find in there is a bright button that takes you to the page of the portfolio that needs rebalancing. This way, you won't have to worry about mixing up an email you just received with an earlier one. rebalancing view

The Rebalancing View

Items on the dashboard serve as shortcuts. However, there is an important twist. When you access a portfolio from the dashboard, the portfolio's page will be opened in its rebalancing view. In this view, the portfolio pages are reduced to what matters the most while rebalancing: the most-recent performance, and the current asset allocation.

This view hides the sections containing the summary, performance, and review to help you focus and avoid unnecessary scrolling. However, you can turn these sections on by simply following the link right under the equity chart.