Email Notifications

For best performance, investors need to follow our suggested rebalancing schedule carefully. For portfolios rebalancing daily, you will soon develop a habit that fits your lifestyle. For portfolios rebalancing weekly or monthly, this is less likely to happen, and visiting only to check for portfolio updates is cumbersome at best.

To overcome this burden, can send you email notifications whenever your portfolios require rebalancing. In this article, we show you how to set this up.

Enable Email Notifications

Most of us receive more emails than we want to. Therefore, won't send you any notifications unless you enable this feature. Follow these steps to do so:

TuringTrader email notifications

Open the Dashboard and check your notification status. If you see a solid bell icon, you have already enabled notifications. Otherwise, click on the bell to open your account's profile page.

TuringTrader email notifications

Check Send notification emails, then click Update Profile. now saves your new settings to your account.

TuringTrader email notifications

Close the overlay to go back to the Dashboard. You should see a solid bell icon now, indicating that you are receiving email notifications. If not, reload the page and allow a couple of seconds to update.

Note that email notifications require a Premium membership. If you don't have a Premium membership yet, you can upgrade here:

Add Portfolios to Your Dashboard

You have now enabled email notifications, but you are not receiving any emails yet. The next step is to populate your Dashboard with the portfolios you want to receive notifications for.

TuringTrader email notifications

To do so, click on the thumbs-up icon in the sidebar of your favorite portfolio. This action adds the portfolio to your Dashboard, and you will receive email notifications whenever the portfolio needs rebalancing.

Receiving Email Notifications

You are now ready to receive email notifications. sends out these emails immediately after completing the respective portfolio's daily update. Unless unforeseen issues occur, these times should be very similar each day. Click here to see when the portfolios last updated.

Please be aware that the mailing list recipients are updated a couple of hours before sending out the actual notifications. Therefore, when you make changes to your subscription settings after this cut-off time, they might not be reflected on the same day.

TuringTrader email notifications

The notification emails are self-explanatory: All they contain is a brief message letting you know which of your portfolios require rebalancing. Click Rebalance Now to start rebalancing.

TuringTrader rebalancing

Rebalancing View

To make rebalancing as efficient as possible, opens the portfolio in the rebalancing view. We made this view minimalistic and distraction-free, giving you instant access to the essential information: The equity curve and the target asset allocation.

To learn more about the rebalancing routine, make sure to check our article, Investing with TuringTrader.