Habits for Success

Investing with TuringTrader.com is easy. But your long-term success hinges on adopting some new habits. This article discusses the most important ones.

Stay on Schedule

When managing your assets, make it a habit to stick to the required schedule. A portfolio that rebalances monthly might tolerate the occasional slip by a day. A portfolio that rebalances daily will certainly not. Most importantly, you should never wholly skip a rebalancing cycle.

Often staying on a tight schedule might not seem to matter too much, but there is the risk of missing that one critical update. In any case, once you deviate from the suggested schedule, you are on your own, and our backtests no longer apply.

To make it easier for you to stay on schedule, TuringTrader.com can send you email notifications. Read this article to learn how to set these up.

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Stay the Course

You probably put some time and thought into choosing a portfolio that matches your investment goals. You weighed risks and returns and matched these with your personal preferences.

Keep in mind that investing is a marathon, not a sprint. There will be times when markets take a turn, and the performance is not where we like it to be. In these moments, it is crucial to stay the course. We designed the model portfolios to handle similar historical situations gracefully, and you should put some faith into that. That's why you favored a data-driven approach in the first place. Don't be tempted to second-guess the asset allocation. Don't stop rebalancing or investing altogether. Stay the course!

Start Today

The most significant factor to successful investments is the gift of time. Don't wait until a few years before retirement. Start early. We hope that TuringTrader.com will be part of your personal success story.