Managed Accounts caters to DIY investors. But there are many good reasons why you might want professional assistance:

Commitment of Time. While we try to keep portfolio maintenance as simple as possible, it is still an ongoing commitment. And maybe your situation does not allow you to make this commitment right now. With a managed account, you can be sure your portfolio is always rebalanced on time.

Quality of Life. Life is busy, and there is never enough time to do the things you love. With a managed account, you can sit back and enjoy the convenience of a professional handling your portfolio for you.

Peace of Mind. Trading with is not complicated. And still, there is always room for potential errors. With a managed account, you have the peace of mind that a seasoned professional trades your account.

Bertram Solutions:

We have licensed our portfolios to Bertram Solutions, an investment adviser specializing in algorithmic trading, for those members looking for assistance. Bertram Solutions' proprietary infrastructure allows them to run customized portfolios in each client's account with daily rebalancing.

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