Getting Started with TuringTrader

Thank You for Joining TuringTrader

Investing with TuringTrader is really easy, and you will get the hang of it in no time. We recommend following this guide to hit the ground running.


Open a Brokerage Account

TuringTrader never takes custody of your funds. Instead, investors trade in their own brokerage accounts. If you don't have a brokerage account yet, you need to open one. Read this article to learn how to open an account and what to watch out for.


Select a Portfolio

TuringTrader offers a large number of portfolios to choose from, addressing a wide array of investment objectives. This amount of options can quickly become overwhelming. Read here to learn how to find a portfolio that fits your style.


Configure Your Dashboard

TuringTrader's dashboard is the site's central hub. It not only provides convenient shortcuts, but also enables email notifications when your portfolio needs your attention. Learn how to configure your dashboard in this article.


Rebalance Your Portfolio

Rebalancing is where the rubber hits the road: the process of checking your account and submitting the orders to match your portfolio's suggested asset allocation. Read this article to learn the simple steps.


Habits for Success

Investing with TuringTrader is easy. But your long-term success depends on adopting some new habits. Read here to learn what to watch out for.