TuringTrader's All-Stars Leveraged (v2)

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Key Facts

  • meta-portfolio w/ +33% leverage
  • rebalances weekly/ monthly w/ possible daily exit




All-Stars Leveraged is a meta-strategy combining three proprietary portfolios from TuringTrader.com. We first introduced the strategy in August 2020 and updated it for higher returns and lower risk in April 2021.

All-Stars Leveraged aims to deliver aggressive growth by applying +33% leverage to a stock-centric portfolio. At the same time, the portfolio keeps risk at bay by combining two momentum strategies with a strategy based on mean-variance optimization.

With its combined weekly/ monthly rebalancing schedule, All-Stars Leveraged has moderate maintenance requirements.


The chart above shows the portfolio's historical performance and drawdowns, compared to their benchmark, throughout the simulation. The chart below shows the portfolio's annual returns:

This table shows the performance metrics for TuringTrader's All-Stars Leveraged (v2):

Asset Allocation

The portfolio last required rebalancing after the exchange's close on n/a. Due to fluctuations in asset prices and portfolio values, the exact allocations vary daily. The current asset allocation is as follows:

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Strategy Rules

The operation of All-Stars Leveraged can be summarized as follows:

  • divide capital into three equal-sized tranches
  • allocate one tranche each to TuringTrader's Round Robin, Stocks on the Loose, and Mach-2
  • rebalance between tranches once per month

By combining three portfolios, All-Stars Leveraged diversifies across management techniques. As a result, the meta-strategy achieves higher risk-adjusted returns than its components.


In bullish markets, All-Stars Leveraged has up to 133% exposure to the U.S. stock market. By investing in various broad market indices along with individual stocks, the portfolio significantly reduces concentration risk. During bear markets, All-Stars Leveraged invests in various bonds and gold to profit from their negative correlation to the stock market.

To achieve diversification spanning multiple asset classes, All-Stars Leveraged relies on serial diversification over the entire economic cycle. Because the meta-portfolio combines three different mechanisms, it ensures diversification across trading styles and improves its ability to cope with a broad range of market conditions. The portfolio's beta is approximately 0.5, showing how well the tactical management decouples the returns from the S&P 500.

Returns & Volatility

All-Stars Leveraged handily beats the S&P 500 benchmark in most years. Periods of temporary underperformance are rare and brief. As a result, the portfolio continually expands its lead over the benchmark.

Overall, All-Stars Leveraged delivers impressive returns. While the portfolio's volatility is about on-par with the S&P 500, it achieves an overall much lower risk profile. The Monte-Carlo simulation confirms these claims of a massive upside and a much-reduced risk over the benchmark.

Account & Tax Considerations

All-Stars Leveraged trades frequently and regularly triggers taxable events. Investors should expect most of the portfolio's capital gains to be short-term. Therefore, the portfolio works best in tax-deferred accounts. However, because of its outsized returns, All-Stars Leveraged also adds tremendous value to taxable accounts.

All-Stars Leveraged makes use of 2x leveraged ETFs which are considered high-risk instruments. Many brokerages require signing additional disclosures before allowing investors to use these instruments in their accounts. Because we use these products sparsely and in combination with tactical management, we believe our use of these instruments to be responsible.

To allow for proper position sizing, especially of the potentially expensive individual stock components, All-Stars Leveraged requires a minimum investment of $100,000.