Update Status

This page shows the rebalance dates and update timestamps for the portfolios and indicators tracked on TuringTrader.com. Update timestamps are in your local browser time zone. Use this information to plan your rebalancing, and to determine TuringTrader.com's system availability status.

PortfolioLast RebalanceEnd of BacktestLast Update Time
Antonacci's Dual Momentumn/a
Bensdorp's Weekly Rotationn/a
Browne's Permanent Portfolion/a
Classic 60/40n/a
Clenow's Stocks on the Moven/a
Connors' TPSn/a
Connors' VIX RSIn/a
EP's Accelerating Dual Momentumn/a
Faber's Ivy Portfolion/a
Heine's Bond Trading Modeln/a
Keller's Classical Asset Allocationn/a
Keller's Defensive Asset Allocationn/a
Keller's Lethargic Asset Allocationn/a
LI's Universal Investment Strategyn/a
Livingston's Mama Bearn/a
Livingston's Papa Bearn/a
Robbins' All-Seasons Portfolion/a
Soto's Sector Rotationn/a
TuringTrader's All-Stars Leveragedn/a
TuringTrader's All-Stars Monthlyn/a
TuringTrader's All-Stars Stocksn/a
TuringTrader's All-Stars Tax-Efficientn/a
TuringTrader's All-Stars Total Returnn/a
TuringTrader's All-Stars Weeklyn/a
TuringTrader's Back to Basicsn/a
TuringTrader's Bonds-NOTn/a
TuringTrader's Buoyn/a
TuringTrader's Dos Equisn/a
TuringTrader's Four-Fifteenn/a
TuringTrader's Mach-1n/a
TuringTrader's Mach-2n/a
TuringTrader's Market Vanen/a
TuringTrader's Mean Kittyn/a
TuringTrader's Pick Me Upn/a
TuringTrader's Rain or Shinen/a
TuringTrader's Round-Robinn/a
TuringTrader's Stocks on a Strolln/a
TuringTrader's Stocks on the Loosen/a
TuringTrader's Straight Fourn/a
TuringTrader's VIX Spritzn/a
U.S. Bond Marketn/a
U.S. Economy - Big-Four Indicatorsn/a
U.S. Economy - National Activity Indexn/a
U.S. Stock Marketn/a