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Grow your capital with better returns and less risk.

Your financial goals don’t allow for costly mistakes. Our automated trading strategies help you make smarter, more profitable investments to build a better future. Face lower drawdowns, avoid painful market dips, and make the most of market opportunities with backtested, actively managed portfolios. Sleep better at night, thanks to a smoother investment ride.

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Match your investment goals

There is no one-size-fits-all investment. Your portfolio must match your financial goals, your time-horizon and your appetite for risk.

Whether you are accumulating long-term wealth or seeking steady income for retirement: we offer a broad range of Premium portfolios to match your needs.

Our suite of All-Stars portfolios is the swiss army knife of investing. These portfolios bundle multiple strategies for even lower volatilities.

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Rotate your assets in time with the market

To beat the markets, you need to adjust your asset allocation when the tide changes. You also need to be able to act before the bears eat your profits.

It takes time and practice to master the markets. TuringTrader helps you maximize your long-term success without spending all day looking at charts.

We watch the markets so that you don’t have to, giving you up-to-date email alerts about any changes to your portfolio holdings.

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Invest with conviction

Investing can be stressful. You need conviction to stay the course and follow an investment strategy without second-guessing it.

Our investment strategies are based on quantitative methods and hard-coded rules that don’t change based on emotions or the whims of the market.

We backtest our strategies in rigorous computer simulations so that you know how well they worked in the past. See how we’ve tested model portfolios reaching back to 2007.

See examples of our best-in-class portfolios

Our portfolios cover a wide array of investment scenarios and trading methodologies. Here are our favorite picks:

Stocks on a Stroll

Cumulative returns and drawdowns

A low-volatility mix of stocks and bonds that rebalances its positions weekly. We combine a momentum strategy on individual stocks with a healthy position in a managed bond strategy.

Compared to a 60/40 portfolio:

  • @rel-return@ higher return
  • @rel-risk@ lower downside

All-Stars XL

Cumulative returns and drawdowns

The perfect balance between high returns and low risk. Rebalanced daily, this meta-portfolio diversifies across asset classes and investment styles, namely momentum, mean-reversion, and volatility targeting.

Compared to a 60/40 portfolio:

  • @rel-return@ higher return
  • @rel-risk@ lower downside

All-Stars Leveraged

Cumulative returns and drawdowns

A leveraged portfolio delivering outsized returns to aggressive investors. With a varied rebalancing schedule, the portfolio keeps risk at bay by combining two momentum strategies with a strategy based on mean-variance optimization.

Compared to the S&P 500:

  • @rel-return@ higher return
  • @rel-risk@ lower downside

Transparent tactical asset allocation

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We take investing further.

Gone are the days of strategic buy-and-hold portfolios and watching your wealth evaporate when markets decline. Our tactical portfolios bring the same techniques used in hedge funds to DIY investors like you.

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You’re in the driver’s seat.

With TuringTrader, you can confidently self-manage your accounts, because you’ll know exactly what you’re invested in and how each portfolio works.

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Save hefty fees.

Typical financial professionals charge about 1% of assets under management per year. For most investors, TuringTrader’s subscription fee is only a fraction of that while offering much more value.

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Successful investing is not about the highest possible return.

It’s about carefully balancing returns and risks, and beating the benchmark in good and in bad years. See how our most balanced portfolio performed in the difficult markets of 2008, 2011, 2018, and 2020.

How investing with TuringTrader works

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Receive rebalance alerts

Our portfolios come with daily, weekly, or monthly rebalancing schedules. In any case, we send you an email when it is time to rebalance. With the click of a button, you get the latest asset allocation.

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Rebalance your portfolio

Log into your account and compare your current holdings to the new asset allocation. Submit the orders to adjust your positions as required. There is no rush, as we rebalance while the markets are closed and it takes as little as 15 minutes to update your portfolio.

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Enjoy the growth

Sit back and let your assets grow. Sleep well at night, knowing that we keep track of the markets and let you know when your portfolio needs your attention. It feels good to take control of your finances.